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Andie✴Josh Teeter Veteran owned⭐️⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️

SuperStar Director

My Story

Hello and welcome!! We are the Teeters! I am Andie. I enjoy boatinf, camping, traveling and enjoying all the adventurous things life has to offer. My husband and business partner Josh is a retired veteran of 20 years with the USCG. He enjoys diving, spearfishing, playing quitar and living life to the fullest. We are proud parents to 2 handsome boys, and 2 crazy boston terriers. We currently live in the Florida Keys and enjoy our slowed down island life.

We are Superstar Directors and proud leaders of our ambitious crew of men and women known as, the award winning team, The Party Crew. We are overly excited and blessed that we have become a member of such a great company like Scentsy and want to share our products and opportunities with as many people as we can.  Not only do we get to sell a wonderful product that literally sells itself because of its unique handcrafted beauty and wonderful smells…but, we get the opportunity to make a very generous income while working from home for the best company in direct sales.

We believe that if you run a business with motivation, perseverance and integrity, then it will succeed.  Josh and I run this business together and we both have earned degrees in Marketing, Internet Marketing and Public Relations and more than a decade of experience in that field as well as business ownership.  It is our passion to share our knowledge with the men and women on our team and help to guide them to create their own success with whatever goals they have. Since this is a full time income for us, it is essential for us to provide our customers and our team with the best support and customer service that we can. Whether you just want to do this for a discount, maybe to meet new friends, a part time income, full time income or maybe you just want to travel with us for free, we value each teammate we have and want to help you create your life by design!

We have been blessed in our years with Scentsy to have earned many awards including Annual Sales and Mentor awards, cash bonuses, and 15+ expense paid trips for 2 all around the world to countries like Greece, Costa Rica, Italy, France, Spain, many islands in the Carribean and so many more beautiful places!

If you are interested in buying or hosting or if you want to join our award winning Scentsy team and get the tools to succeed in this business, then please to not hesitate to get ahold of us.  We never pressure and who knows....It could be the best decision you have ever made.  I know it was for us!

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